3G and 4G Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Netbook / USB Dongle Broadband Speedtest

Why 3G and 4G Speedtest Module is Benchmarked from US Servers and not within India ?

Indian Wireless Operators are under the Obligation to Deliver atleast 1 Mbps 3G and 1.5 Mbps 4G Speed over the Internet. Telecom Operators' speedtest modules are hosted on their own network and when a speedtest is performed, it will naturally show Good Speed.

But you should note that, the Internet sites you are accessing is hosted in the United States / Europe, etc . So, for consumers to have Best user Experience, Mobile Operators are under the obligation to deliver 3G and 4G speed when the test is conducted between your Mobile, tablet, Laotop, etc and 3G4G.in Speedtest module hosted in the US.

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